Business Platform

Local Marketing Solution for Franchise

The solution for franchise mastery of local marketing

Grow local sales by making your franchise visible to local customers.

Streamline delivery of marketing assets and keep your branding under control.

Ensure your franchisees become more tech-savvy through our Activation Program.

Manage your franchise brand nationally

Content distribution across franchise:

It’s easier for franchisees to stick to branding when they have on-brand content at their fingertips. Organize assets for different regions and give franchisees quick access.

Centralized ads and campaign management:

Running effective promotional campaigns requires consistency. Schedule on-brand content to be posted on locations’ pages and split budgets while running ads to ensure coherent campaign flow.

Complete performance overview:

To build an effective marketing strategy, you need an overview of results. Take a look at Dashboards and check franchisees’ performance.

Reputation management:

Your brand’s reputation needs to be spotless. Check ratings and oversee reviews per location to take action and minimize risk of negative brand experience.