Business Platform

Ezzyoffer Business Platform

Merchant/Local Vendors

Ezzyoffer's business catalogue (catalog) Maker help you launch your online store in 30 sec. You can make beautiful product catalogues (catalogs) on your phone and share with your customers easily.

Here are 4 simple steps to start using ezzyoffer to grow your business:

1. Enter Business Name, Address and start adding your products/catalogs.

2. As soon as you fill up those details, your Digital Store will be created instantly and you will be able to obtain your Store Link from your ezzyoffer dashboard.

3.Share product/catalog/store links with anyone on WhatsApp.

4.Get notification as soon as you get any new order along with the customer's name, address and verified mob number.

5.Deliver the order to your customer's location and mark the order as "Delivered".

Whether you are a wholesaler or retailer or a small store owner, you can run your whole e-commerce on Ezzyoffer.

Here are the features of Ezzyoffer:
Manage Products and Catalogues:

Add new products and set prices

- Edit existing product prices

- Turn on or off product availability

- Delete products

- Manage catalogs (Share, add, edit, delete)

- Manage your product variants (size and color options) easily

Upload your products/Service Videos

Process Orders:

Fulfil, reject, or archive orders for each of your stores

Review Store Performance:

- View sales reports by day, week, or month

- Download your sales reports in PDF or excel format

- View store and product views in real-time

Sell On More Sales Channels:

- contact your store with our 50000+ Affiliate/ Reseller

- Share your store with anyone on WhatsApp/Facebook

- Share specific product or catalogue from your Digital ezzyoffer on Whatsapp/Facebook

Marketing Tools on Ezzyoffer App:

- Choose from hundreds of business card designs for your Digital ezzyoffer

- Customizable social media story templates

- Promo banners/Discount offer designs

Additional Features:

- Multiple devices support

- Manage your inventory and product variants easily

- Generate Whatsapp business cards and share with others

- Smart product recommendations on your shop for your customers

- Download your daily sales reports in PDF or excel format

- Get custom QR code which will redirect users to your digital store

- Set custom delivery charges on Ezzyoffer or our store app

- Unlimited selling and sharing on Whatsapp and Facebook

- Free whatsapp and SMS order receipts

- PDF catalog for your products

- Promo banners/Discount offer designs